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For Investment Banking projects ::   We work on a SUCCESS BASED FEE only and do not charge any upfront fees just to take up a project. We get paid only if you get the funds. You WIN, we WIN. 

However, that does not mean you will get a project funded without having to pay a single paisa. There is always a cost of capital. There is no free lunch in the market. We understand the value of your time and expect that you respect ours too. We do not appreciate any of your casual experiments of raising funds through multiple sources.

We only accept projects that we feel confident of getting funded. Our main objective is to work with you in a collaborative model with a spirit of co-operation and transparency. Your success is our success.

All our funds require a basic commitment from you once a LOI or Term Sheet is issued. This is to ensure i) you do not move out once the Term Sheet is accepted and ii) any 3rd party due diligence and legal expenditure do not go waste if they find substantial legal and financial issues that prevent the funding from happening. 

To start with, please submit a brief outline of your project ( 6-10 pages max) and send it to cc to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For consulting projects ::  We will proceed only after a clear understanding of your requirements, that can happen in one meeting or a series of meetings.  These will be milestone based or on retainership model depending on the project or engagement.  

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