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While the credit markets have tightened, debt has become scarce, more expensive and with tighter covenants. Major deals are now decided by auction leading to high acquisition prices. Exiting has become harder due to collapse of the IPO market. We believe to succeed, private equity firms must have access to operational expertise. That is what Shriyai aims to achieve.

We identify the PE to take participation in an enterprise, carry out due diligence, draw a business growth strategy, catapult the growth, install the control mechanisms and adequate safeguards, nurture the portfolio and work out an exit route for the PE. We help clients in syndication and arrangement of Private Equity/Venture Capital Financing.

We also arrange Equity Financing for corporate / entrepreneurs from early stage to late stage financing .The whole process includes identification, structuring the proposal, undertaking valuation, identifying investors, making presentations and ensuring closure of the deal and realising value out of the deal.

Shriyai has access to the following funds:

Growth Fund: 
Seeks to provide growth and expansion capital to companies with revenues between US$ 10 - 50 million; deal sizes range from US$ 15 - 25 million. 

Healthcare Fund: 
focus on Healthcare and Life Sciences, and particular emphasis on drug discovery and innovation based companies. The fund targets deals in the US$ 8 - 12 million range. 

Innovation Fund: 
aims to invest US$ 4 - 10 million in early / growth stage companies (Revenues of < US$ 20 million) with technology led innovations across IT/ITeS and Clean Tech sectors

Infrastructure Fund: 
looks at an active engagement model with businesses that are sustainable, scalable and capable of generating strong cash flows. The focus is on infrastructure and allied services and enablers and the fund size ranges between US $20 million and US $75 million in each portfolio company.

CleanTech Fund: 
focuses in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy generation projects, such as wind power, small hydro power, solar power, bio-mass, water management and waste treatment. Basically, projects that aid reduction of carbon footprints.

Realty Fund: 
aims at co-working with established real estate players as partners under the SPV mode.



Locating the time and cost effective sources of finance for projects is our strength. Be it Equipment Finance, Short or Long Term Funds, Trade Finance, Structured Finance or any other financing option, our team studies the options available then devise the most beneficial route for our clients. From Capital Structuring, Feasibility Study, Project Appraisal and sourcing funds, we take care of entire transaction. Our knowledge of the current investment scenario and understanding of specific needs, enable us to deliver cost competitive structural solutions.


Shriyai focuses on the following 3 types of loans:

Project Loan: 

Shriyai facilitates your fund requirement for execution of the project secured by acceptable securities, through Banks, NBFCs, HNIs or Investment Banking groups. The size of the fund ranges from US $ 2 million to US $ 150 million. 

Loan against Property: 

We understand your ever increasing need for capital towards expanding your business. We arrange for loans against properties. The property type has to be either Residential or Commercial. Agricultural or Industrial property will not be accepted.

Business Term Loans: 

We syndicate Term Loans (Short term / Long term) for establishing new industrial and infrastructure projects as well as for expansion, diversification and modernization of existing infrastructure projects.



Our efforts at revitalizing companies go beyond helping clients raise and restructure their financial resources. Our core competence includes:

  • value oriented research;

  • identifying business partners or potential acquisition targets;

  • suggesting economically viable projects;

  • assist in negotiating and closing the acquisition;

  • corporate valuation;

  • arranging technical and financial collaboration.

Along with our affiliates we arrange global, technical and financial collaborations and provide assistance in preparing necessary project documentation and obtaining statutory approvals for such projects.



Shriyai has set up a separate unit that focuses exclusively on startup and early stage ventures across industries. Shriyai aims to fund this initiative through strategic tie-ups with financial institutions for both debt and equity.

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