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About Us


'Shriyai' is the Sanskrit name for Lakshmi - the Goddess of Wealth. This implies to both Wealth of Knowledge and Wealth of Material Prosperity.


Established in January 2010, Shriyai Consultancy is a boutique firm dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in India. Led by a team of experienced technocrats and management experts with over 150 cumulative years of experience, Shriyai combines technical expertise with business acumen.

Operating in the domains of Investment Banking and Corporate Strategic Advisory, Shriyai serves various sectors including Energy, Education, e-Governance, Infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Technology. Our business model encompasses ancillary objectives such as referrals and coordination of high-growth corporations with strong financials to international investment bankers. We also provide independent due diligence and advisory services for mergers & acquisitions.

Through our scalable and sustainable business model, we assist companies in realizing their targeted business potential by integrating advisory and fund-raising capabilities. Additionally, we collaborate with governments to raise funds for the implementation of various humanitarian projects.


At Shriyai Consultancy, we uphold the highest ethical standards and unwavering dedication to excellence in all aspects of our operations. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations and are committed to maintaining this integral element across all our business activities.

Continuously pursuing improvement and pushing our potential, we have developed strategic models that enable us to identify our clients' specific requirements and formulate the most effective and efficient business solutions. We constantly refine and upgrade these methodologies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving business environment.

Our hands-on and personalized approach benefits both our clients and staff. Known for our responsiveness, we ensure that our knowledge and experience are applied to every project, maximizing the interests of all stakeholders.


We are dedicated to continuously improving our professional advisory services, aiming to meet and exceed the needs of our clients while ensuring a sustained and profitable experience.


Shriyai operates through three business divisions:

Shriyai Consulting Services: Providing comprehensive consulting services, including business transformation, strategic profit improvement, knowledge management, and smartsourcing.

Shriyai Venture Partners: Offering expertise in investment banking and corporate strategic advisory, assisting clients across various sectors in achieving their financial goals.

Shriyai Social Services: Collaborating with governments and organizations to raise funds and execute humanitarian projects that contribute to the betterment of society.

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