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Humanitarian Aid

One of our key objective is to facilitate the funding and execution of Humanitarian and Infrastructure projects across the world by working with various governments and non-governmental organizations. 

We are committed to the holistic development targeted at solving the world’s critical issues and challenges to impact meaningful change.

We focus on improving the well-being of the under-privileged population and to the restoration of basic necessities to support the humanitarian cause.

Through our global connections and support, we work on areas like Healthcare, Skill development, Education, Farmer support, Rural development, Environment related projects etc. Our current focus markets are South Asia and Africa.


Social Initiatives

Shriyai understands the value of collaborative growth, irrespective of social disparities.

India’s rich cultural heritage is getting destroyed by the urban economic explosion. People are sacrificing their traditional skills for petty wages as labourers. Our goal is to ensure sustainable livelihoods for poor artisans and in the process revive the fast diminishing rich craft heritage of India especially in the tribal zones.  We aim to preserve the dying traditional art of our country by supporting the artisans at the grass-root levels.

We collaborate with artisans, weavers and entrepreneurs to produce quality handicraft and handloom products through design, technical and skill interventions, procure their products at a fair price and market them. Upto 50% of the profits are rolled back into the various Welfare Schemes like: Skill Development (clusters), Digital literacy, Education, Health support, Sanitation etc.

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