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"Management consulting is an advisory service contracted for and provided to organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client organization to identify management problems, analyze such problems, recommend solutions to these problems, and help, when requested, in the implementation of solutions" -- Greiner and Metzger. 

Shriyai's key differentiator is the cross-functional team of technical, financial, legal and policy/sector experts who fulfill all the criterion of a cohesive management consulting group that take our clients to the next level. 

The Management Consulting arm of Shriyai focuses on Business Transformation, Techno-Economic Viability studies, Strategic Profit Improvement consulting, Knowledge Management and Smartsourcing.


Shriyai offers Business Transformation service that assists clients in aligning their operations strategy, business processes, and organization with the overall business strategy, enabling them to derive maximum business potential.

Clients always look towards new business models that are aligned to changed business scenario to improve productivity, efficiency, profitability and increased market share.

We help identify process and operational inefficiencies in companies while charting out the gaps with overall business goals. We advise our clients improve business performances and shareholder value by providing differentiating and innovative strategies amidst constant change and competing business environment through an executable strategy road-map.



Shriyai helps conduct a comprehensive TEV (Techno-Economic Viability) study as mandated by most banks, as a risk mitigation exploration of technical and associated financial viability of a project / company so as to be able to take an informed judgment as regards acceptance of the project for lending (or investment) purpose. We provide our expert comments on technical feasibility and economic viability including Valuations, BEP analysis, DSCR calculations, IRR calculations and Sensitivity Analysis on all major inputs. 

We also provide comprehensive diagnostic study for M&A and suggest turnaround solutions to sick units.



Shriyai advises companies in areas of Strategic Profit Improvement by working out models for Revenue Enhancement, Optimum Capital Utilization Optimization and Operational Cost Reduction. We work on proactive initiatives in Activity-Based Costing (ABC), Functional Economic Analysis (FEA), Earned-Value Management (EVM) and other practices by which our experts learn more from your financial data. These are linked to budgets and performances.

Through our capital improvement models, clients can expect a cost reduction between 20% - 40% with a reciprocal top-line increment also. This study will see fresh infusion of funds through internal restructuring that could be made available for further growth.



Knowledge Management can be defined as " the process of creating value out of tangible as well as intangible assets established in tacit, embedded or explicit information repositories within an organizational environment and utilizing the same for competitive advantage through cross-level value creation."

-- Shantanu Ghosh 

Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of experiences and expertise. 

Shriyai works towards establishing the Knowledge Management Maturity Levels of an organization, before redefining the Knowledge Management strategy. Our approach is a mix of studies around People, Process and Technology. This fluid mix of tools like Change Management, Process Excellence, Collaboration models, or technology like Groupware, document management systems, expert systems, datawarehousing, simulation tools, to social computing tools etc are utilized to capture the various disparate knowledge sources and create value out of the same.



Shriyai's partnership models on Smartsourcing and India Entry help client focus on their areas of core competence and outsource transactional support functions to specialists. Shriyai has arrangements in place that would help a first time outsourcer set up an offshore unit in India successfully. We work together with our clients' right from incorporation to migration to actual working.



One of the major concerns of today's world is Waste Management. A recent report states that waste management market is expected to be worth US$ 13.62 billion by 2025. Indian municipal solid waste (MSW) management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.14% by 2025. E-waste management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.03% during the same period.

Shriyai offers consulting services in this space as a core consultant covering radiation and site sensitivity analysis, technology selection, feasibility study/DPR preparation, bid document preparation, detailed engineering, plant performance analysis, etc. We also help with the technical, financial and legal advisory services for selection and execution of projects through proper bidding procedure and negotiations. Additionally, we have collaborations with technology companies in Europe for Waste to Energy projects.

By leveraging our expertise across these diverse areas, Shriyai aims to deliver exceptional consulting services that drive growth, efficiency, and sustainability for our clients

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